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Dear Stalker,

I saw you in Catonsville on monday
I don't appreciate you stalking me
You're probably my neighbor
but my neighbor and you don't have the
same vehicle
You show'd up at work 2 weeks ago,
peering in the window at me
untill my manager shoood you away
I've seen you in my neighborhood
you even introduced yourself to me once

You said you saw me kayaking at (insert lake here)
but i never told you that
I wasn't even in MY car when we went
I'm afraid to go kayaking later today
because I think you'll be there

I tried to call the (my county) cops on you
but they said there's nothing they can do
unless you make a move to harm me

I have even seen you in my neighborhood
You always know where i work and when I work
You freak me out
I just peed my pants I'm so scared
Please leave me alone
Fuck you
and your fucking
grass cutting business

Eat my asshole

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