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i really love life
rachel and I stayed up from like 1 to 3am-ish
just talking about life

i have so much compassion for the human race
and to see someone suffering hurts
but to know that ultimately, there's nothing I can
do because yeah I admit it, I'm not that concerned with
the suffering to actually do anything to REALLY help them, so I guess
you could call me self-centered?
and so are you
I could just donate money to the sally struthers helps the ethiopian kids

but how much would that really help?
to really help them
I would need to donate millions of dollars, thousands of hours volunteering, hundreds of people helping me, and years of my life dedicated to bettering their life
but i don't want to do that
I'd rather better my own life?
I have a lot of goals

A LOT planned out for myself
and although my compassion for people is great
it's not big enough to steer me off my "path"
I feel sorrow for these suffering people
but not enough to really do anything

I mean yeah I donate money to the needy
and churches
and I pay taxes
I volunteer in my neighborhood when they need me

I just don't like feeling guilty for shit that's
not my fault

Yeah I'm priveledged. I have a job that pays me money.
I have a family that loves me and friends that I would
give my left nipple for. I was born in a country
that won't cut off my clit.
I have at least a little bit of intelligence.

end rant
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