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my day was shitty
my dog hyme has lyme's disease
he's so lethargic it scares me

i almost got fired today
the guy called me a stupid cunt
because i couldn't make his delivery happen tomorrow
so i told him to suck my 8inch black cock
and he left

my manager said "next time you say that you better have an 8inch black cock or else
you're fired"

"are you mad?"
"no. he did call you a stupid cunt"
"haha it was actually kind of funny, considering you're white. and female. and i don't think you have a cock"
"last time i checked, i didn't"

i got home from work
hyme was laying in his cage
he looked like shit
i start crying
and start calling people
my parents---no answer
my friends----no answer
my dad---dinner an hour away with his gross gf
jimmy---came with me

i'm crying hysterically
and my eyes still burn

i took him to the vet
she stuck a thermometer up his butt
you should've seen the face my dog made
if i wasn't so upset, i would've gotten a picture

they drew his blood
and put it on the lymes disease tester
100% positive in 1 minute

i'm so upset
he's the sweetest dog in the world
he's just so lethargic
and limping
because of his joints

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