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"All aboard the nerd express"

this guy that I know
has a linux box (i know i know i'm working on it. no free time :( )
and he's letting me SSH into it from
my laptop
and I can transfer files with WinSCP

it's so awesome, I almost wet myself

i just finished a program for school
it was so stupid
it asks the user for dates, and it tells the julian date, their age, and zodiac sign.
if you use linux
at the prompt
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TYPE date + %j and it tells you the julian date :(
and i devoted like 32482094829384e10 lines of code to it :(

ahh fuck you professor
oh well
hey question

in pico
is there any way to save what I typed in instead of ctrl-x (exit) and it prompting me on the way out?

stupid text editor

I use emacs sometimes, and xemacs
but only when i'm in linux or irix
because they create a windows environment text-editor for the linux user
so I can't access them when i'm running windows!
well i CAN access them, there's just no point if I'm using SSH or telnet.

I use WATCOM in windows to edit my text

haha i used to code in notepad, then upload with FTP to my telnet account with school

notepad = suck

holla back fellow nerds!
unite and help me answer my questions because I
am a nerd n00b

bah humbug
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